Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Live Hair and Beauty Chat

We will be hosting a live hair and beauty chat tomorrow, Thursday, July 1, 2010 at 7 pm central standard time. Get your questions ready, any and every question, and meet me back here on the blog!

To access the chat, look on the left side bar of this screen. Its a small pink box that says Meebo: Talk to me! I wont be up and running until 7pm!


Daily Care

Make up

Anything you can think of we are answering!!! Talk to you tomorrow!!!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Straight Talk

As you know, we at Queen Natural Beauty, take fan questions about any subject related to haircare and beauty. The most common subject in our emails are about straightening naturally curly hair. Though I personally don't straighten my hair, you can safety straighten occasionally without damaging the curl pattern. Here are a few tips and tricks to keeps your curl pattern curly, while wearing bone straight hair.

1. Wash and deep condition hair using an all natural shampoo and a moisturizing deep conditioner.
2. Apply a little leave in conditioner and use a wide tooth comb to de-tangle the hair.
3. Twist hair into bantu knots and allow hair to air dry.
4. Apply a dime size amount of all natural moisturizer, such as the QNB tropical moisturizer, to your mane.
5. Section your hair off with clips
6. Start at the nape of your neck with the flat iron on the lowest setting possible, but no more than 200 degrees. (It doesn't take a 425 degree flat iron to straighten hair!)
7. Slowly work your way to the top of your head, releasing one section at a time
8. Comb into desired style, remembering to comb underneath the hair as well.

Remember, occasional straightening is okay, but consistent excess heat will PERMANENTLY damage your natural curl pattern.

If you have any other tips or tricks for straightening curly hair, feel free to leave them in the comment section below.

Top 5 protective styles

These are my personal top five protective hair styles. They allow your hair to rest and allows more growth. Because of the stress on tresses during daily styling, I suggest protective styles every couple of months

5. Flat twists
4. Braids (micros, invisible, etc...)
3. Two strand twists
2. Individual twists
1. Sew-In

Now, why did I make sew in my number 1? For me, I like versatility, I love a different look. Sew ins allow me to keep my hair braided for 8-10 weeks (if you use 100% virgin hair, maybe even longer), and I have different styles everyday if I wish. The stress of my hair is minimal, I have the protection, and my hair grows like wild flowers!

What are your favorite protective styles? Please comment in the box below

I felt the need to post

No, its not beauty related, but I was so moved, that I felt the need to post! Everyone deserves a second chance. Maybe this is his!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Is natural hair becoming more mainstream?

Recently we have seen an influx of naturally curly girls on television commercials and ads in magazines for makeup and hair products. Particularly Cover-girl. Now, I'm not knocking cover-girl at all, matter of fact, if you are reading, QNB need more corporate sponsors for their events, but I'm just wondering why the sudden influx? But its not just them, its Maybelline, Clinique, perfume ads and many more.

Is America's standard of beauty shifting toward the natural side, or is this a ploy to increase sales? Whats your opinion?
(Leave comments in the comment section below)

Friday, June 25, 2010

This gloss totally trumps MACs lipglass

I recently tried Maybelline's new Shine Sensational lip gloss. I simply love it. It provides incredible shine and comes in 18 different colors and flavors. It is non sticky which I especially love because it doesn't leave that white film inside the lip which is why it now tops my list of gloss must haves!

Maybelline Shine Sensational lip gloss

Why won't they get off Solange?!?

I dont know what it is about Solange, but the blogger community is always on her case! By the way, Happy Belated Birthday Solange! Anyway, it has been over a year since she BC'd and bloggers are finding it hard to believe that this is her hair. Truth is, and you may not realize it because you are on that hair crack, but healthy natural hair can grow LONG in a year. Plus, I don't think many wigs will be this wild. Point being, since shes been back in the US the last month or so, every pic of her you see, her hair is the same, her pics from her time in Australia, her hair is the same. Bloggers, have you ever thought "dang, this must be her hair"? If not, I need you to realize it because this obsession with her hair is driving me nuts!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

If you dont get off the idea that this crack is good for you, Queen is gonna scream!

We as a people are seriously stuck on creamy crack! LOL! I mean seriously first the relaxer then the conditioner.
When you think of conditioner, you think of a white creamy mixture that coats your hair making it feel slippery and good. I use to love it to, until I found out that chemicals is what make conditioner creamy and the active ingredients are much looser.
Im posting this because I received a comment the other day from a well meaning older woman who told me QNB conditioner couldn't be conditioner because its not creamy. Really? Well maam... and then I stopped. Some things I just chop up to ignorance. I understand if you don't know and that's my goal, to educate on this whole "healthy hair" life. The creaminess is not necessary. It makes you feel as though the conditioner is working hard making your hair soft when the truth is, the ingredients coat your hair giving you the illusion to softer hair. Read the back of your conditioner bottle. I bet you cant get past the fist line without coming on words that you can barely pronounce... uhhhh that
s chemicals people!!!! Point being, if you find a creamy conditioner that claims to be all natural, RUN! Its a lie!

That's all folks!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Want more curl definition?

I get a lot of questions about ways to define your curl pattern. While it is impossible to completely change your curl pattern without the use of chemicals, you can temporarily change the appearance of your curl pattern chemical free!
Try rodding hair and then pulling the rods apart. Curlformers work best in my opinion.

Start with Queen Natural Beauty moisturizing shampoo, follow with My Honey Loves Me Conditioner . Massage Queen Natural Beauty tropical moisturizer into hair and roll onto the curlformers. Spray with Thirst Quencher. Sit under the dryer on low heat until hair is COMPLETELY dry. Remove rods and and pull curls apart. The finished result is naturally spirally curls. This looks lasts for about a week.

Free Queen Natural Beauty Products

As you know, Queen Natural Beauty is hitting the road!

Picture.....never having to buy another hair care or skin care product, EVER!!!!!

What do I need to do?
There is NO cost to you! All you have to do is invite over friends, family and associates over! Provide refreshments only if you wish!

What does Queen Natural Beauty do?
We provide a fun and relaxing experience for you and your guests, introducing you to the newest hair and skin care products. Free samples are provided to your guests

How do I receive free Queen Natural Beauty products?
Free products are based on the total amount of products sold at your party!

Interested in getting free products?
Send us an email with "free products" in the subject line and your contact information in the body of the email and a beauty ambassador will contact you within 24 hrs.

Interested in becoming a Queen Natural Beauty beauty ambassador?
Contact us at Please put "beauty ambassador" in the subject line

Currently only serving Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee and Mississippi.... Please be patient, we will be in your city soon! If you would like to become a beauty ambassador anywhere in the US, please see above

Friday, June 18, 2010

Comb twists to twist out

Comb twists to twist out part 1

Comb twists to twist out part 2

What do you think? DO you like comb twist-outs on short hair?

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I am an addict and need an intervention!

How I keep my skin blemish free!

Comment on video below

Looks like yellows the rage this summer

Im trying this next. NYC's Taxi Yellow Creme... Target $1.98

My favorite cheapy eyeshadow! LA Colors Metallic Line (Wildflower)

LA Colors! I remember this from the 90's but its coming back with some makeup artists and they have a lot of nice colors. I caught this at Dollar General for an additional 25% off. Paid only 75cents and I absolutely love it. Check the Video Blog Page for an up close look at the colors and application tips.

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Sunday, June 13, 2010

How I keep up my twists

Mass Return of the Curly Haired Caos!!!!!

My mother, a lover of relaxer, made a statement that made me think. "All these Afro's I see on a daily basis remind me of the late 60's and 70's. Stephanie, I have always told you, everything old is new again". Thinking on that for a second, I realized that this is not the first surge of women going natural. Natural hair was a huge thing in the 60's to then die down in the 70's... lets take a look at it for a second.

Black Power! A movement in the 1960's that prompted women of color to embrace their naturalness and start rocking their Afro! To those involved in the movement, their naturally curly hair was a sign of the love that they had for themselves and the end of white oppression. Everywhere you looked you'd find an Afros and cornrows. By the 1970's, this movement began to dissipate and there was the return of the hair straighteners, the white lye, the creamy crack.

Recently, everywhere you turn, you can find a woman of color, embracing her God given curls with pride. Again, you are finding Afros, corn rows, twists, bantu knots, twist-outs and much more everywhere you look from CEO's to house wives. The fact is "Natural is in". Question is, is it in to stay? Is this just a fad, as in the 1960's, or is this more than a political movement, a statement? I've questioned other women who have taken the big step and I have heard everything from " I want to prove black is beautiful" to "Its time for me to love me for me". Truth is, a lot of women are realizing that the reason women of color have more issues with hair loss than any other ethnicity, is because of the creamy crack that we apply every 6-8 weeks. I'm seeing more of us with receding hair lines, bald spots, split ends and hair breakage. Truth is, that women are realizing that this thing that we do to ourselves to fit in to this image we call beautiful is causing more harm than good.

Whatever your reason is, natural hair seems to be here to stay. Only time can tell, but in meet-ups around the world, online groups and blogs such as this one, there are hundreds and thousands of natural supporters that seem to not be going anywhere soon.....

Please leave comments in the comment section below

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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Thanks to all that came out to the Birmingham Meetup

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Look who won the contest!

The winners of the 2010 accessory contest is Mahogany Knots and Dottie207. Please send an email to with your contact information as soon as possible!

Thanks for participating and Congrats!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Via Rolling out Magazine

In Seattle, Wash., a white male teacher had an 8-year-old African American girl removed from the classroom. In most cases, children are removed for behavioral and disciplinary issues, which is clearly understandable and acceptable; however, this wasn’t the case here.

The teacher removed the girl, claiming her Afro was making him sick. Naturally, the father of the child, Charles Mudede, was extremely concerned after the incident, and, as a result, the girl, who was the only black child in the advanced-placement class, has missed two weeks of school.

The incident, which occurred at Thurgood Marshall Elementary School, was featured on KIRO-TV. The segment showed the hair product the girl used, Organic Root Stimulator's Olive Oil Moisturizing Hair Lotion, as well as interviews with her mother and lawyer.

While the girl was eventually relocated to another class down the hall, the fact remains that such a decision could be made by a teacher alone, without the school contacting the parents directly — especially given the implications on the surface of a white teacher picking on a single black child as being the origin of his allergy. The NAACP stated that it will file a complaint with the U.S. Department of Education.

The fact that a teacher would engage in such behavior is troublesome — especially in front of other students. If America is in a post racial period, it appears that “post” and “pre” may be synonymous. Teresa Wippel, school district representative, said, “We're certainly concerned about the incident and are looking into it. … Our goal is to make sure the student returns to school. The parents have, so far, not wanted to put her back in school. They want to be sure everything is resolved to their satisfaction.”

We, as a people, have endured many centuries of being degraded just for our physical features. I understand the strength and pride that Charles Mudede is displaying with respect to this situation. I, too, am a parent, and teach my children that the way they speak and look and act makes me proud, and that they should maintain such fortitude when others cannot acknowledge what they see in themselves. –torrance stephens, ph.d.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Beware of beautiful packaging.....

Yesterday I decided to visit Ulta and check out some of the products they carry, the size, the packaging and the ingredients. They watched me the entire time! I guess its quite suspicious to see a woman reading the back of every hair and skin care product and taking pictures with her camera phone. But, keeping up with what is going on is my job!

Well, I checked out all the top brands from Miss Jessies and Carols Daughter, to Mizani natural collection and Halo, which I use to love... well, to be honest, I love the packaging..... You know we get all caught up in the look of the container and not the quality of the product!

I made several discoveries, but the main one was that none of the natural products were natural! They were relatively expensive and was full of chemicals! If you notice, on the back of the Mizani container, Aqua is the first ingredient.... The cost of the Mizani is $38 and its majority water! Furthermore, if it contains water, its definitely gonna contain chemicals!

All of the products also contained alcohol and fragrance and the Mizani and Halo also contained Petroleum and/or Mineral oil.

One thing that stood out the most to me in the entire store, is that there were NO all natural hair products! It may have said, "for natural hair" but none were natural products....
There are good all natural hair care companies, you just have to search for them. Normally, they don't have the funding of the larger brands, therefore, you won't find much advertising and you probably wont find them in stores. They are totally dependent upon the internet, word of mouth, bloggers and social media for customers.

I did all this just to say that you need to check and double check the ingredient list of your products to be sure they don't contain anything thats unhealthy for your mane. I've beat this into your heads, but again, stay away from Alcohol, petroleum, mineral oil, sulfates, parabens, fragrance, any thing you can't pronounce (its probably a chemical), and any product that the first ingredient is water (water will be the majority of the product and it will then have chemicals somewhere in the product)....

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Monday, June 7, 2010

Contest Time!!!!

The Queen Natural Beauty 2010 Hair Accessory line consists of Bling and Formal..... We are giving away one accessory from each line to 2 lucky winners.

Want a chance to win?

Reply to this blog post telling us what your favorite summer (natural hair) style is. There will be a lotto drawing and two winners will be chosen!

Contest ends Wed June 9th at Midnight....

Good Luck

Bling and Formal


My favorite nail color this season?

If you know me, you know that I love color! But when it comes to nails, I stick to french manicure, american manicure or pink nail color. But this season, the blue back with a vengance from the 80's and I was sent several colors to try! My favorite is definitely East Village 206B by N.Y.C. It goes on smooth and actually looks great when applied! I prefer it on my toes... its gonna take some getting use to seeing color on my hands, but I absolutely love it!

When you get a chance, run to the nearest Target and grab it! Best of all, its affordable, at $1.98.....

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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Change of venue for Birmingham Event

I have made the change under the events tab, but I wanted to make sure everyone knows that the venue has changed for the Birmingham event.

For some reason, forces seem to not want me to have this event, but the more things come against me, the more determined I am to pull it off!!!!

I received a call a couple of days ago from my original venue saying "I'm sorry but we have some issues here and you won't be able to have your event here". Needless to say, I was pissed beyond belief... How professional is that to call us one week before the event?

We have spent money on marketing materials with the location on there and its no time to print more. But every thing works out in the end..... At least I hope so!

Within 5 hrs, I had a new and better location! In the center of Birmingham.....

The Birmingham Wine Loft
2200 1st Ave North
Birmingham, AL

I hope you all within driving distance will be able to attend. It started out as a naturals event and now its turned into an event for anyone who loves all natural hair and skincare. Im working on having someone there from Mac with the latest of their products, we will have several natural stylists, loctians, sisterlocs, and much more......

Because of the issue with marketing materials, we are working ALL word of mouth, so do me a favor and tell any and everyone you know to meet us

Saturday June 12th at the Birmingham Wine Loft 4 pm......

and we are starting on time!!!!!!!