Sunday, July 4, 2010

Tips for frizz free twist-outs and braid-outs

Whats the most common complaint from naturalista's and twist-outs? FRIZZ!!!! I like frizz sometimes in big curls, but when the frizz is unintentional, it can reck havoc con your hairstyle that you spent hours to create! Here are just a few tips to help combat frizz.

1. I often hear ladies say that they used gel to twist the hair. That is a no no if you are preparing a twist out. The alcohol in gel dries hair out and you are more prone to frizz. Some swear by gel, but of course you know I'm all for the natural! Just say no to gel!

2. Use a twist cream that contains pure aloe vera. It keeps strands moisturized and helps combat the frizz zone!

3. When taking hair down, oil fingers with a light oil such a grape-seed or olive and untwist from the top, down.

4. When these three don't work, and your ends are giving the frizz off, odds are, you need a good trim!!!!

Do you have any other additional tips that you have discovered through the years that will help other naturalista's? If so, add them in the comment box below


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