Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Beware of beautiful packaging.....

Yesterday I decided to visit Ulta and check out some of the products they carry, the size, the packaging and the ingredients. They watched me the entire time! I guess its quite suspicious to see a woman reading the back of every hair and skin care product and taking pictures with her camera phone. But, keeping up with what is going on is my job!

Well, I checked out all the top brands from Miss Jessies and Carols Daughter, to Mizani natural collection and Halo, which I use to love... well, to be honest, I love the packaging..... You know we get all caught up in the look of the container and not the quality of the product!

I made several discoveries, but the main one was that none of the natural products were natural! They were relatively expensive and was full of chemicals! If you notice, on the back of the Mizani container, Aqua is the first ingredient.... The cost of the Mizani is $38 and its majority water! Furthermore, if it contains water, its definitely gonna contain chemicals!

All of the products also contained alcohol and fragrance and the Mizani and Halo also contained Petroleum and/or Mineral oil.

One thing that stood out the most to me in the entire store, is that there were NO all natural hair products! It may have said, "for natural hair" but none were natural products....
There are good all natural hair care companies, you just have to search for them. Normally, they don't have the funding of the larger brands, therefore, you won't find much advertising and you probably wont find them in stores. They are totally dependent upon the internet, word of mouth, bloggers and social media for customers.

I did all this just to say that you need to check and double check the ingredient list of your products to be sure they don't contain anything thats unhealthy for your mane. I've beat this into your heads, but again, stay away from Alcohol, petroleum, mineral oil, sulfates, parabens, fragrance, any thing you can't pronounce (its probably a chemical), and any product that the first ingredient is water (water will be the majority of the product and it will then have chemicals somewhere in the product)....

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At June 9, 2010 at 11:33 PM , Anonymous AfroScentRic Bath & Body Haven said...

Thank you Queen for telling your audience about this, l have been telling my audience about these materials for OVER 3 years now, so it is NEVER bad to remind them. But also remember to tell them about PTHLATES! This product is NOT good for ANYONE, especially pregnant/breast-feeding mothers! We have become ADDlCTED to products that SMELL nice, but dont realize what we are dolng to our bodles-JUST TO HAVE OUR HAlR SMELL LlKE BUBBLE GUM. So please let them know about that as well. Also, dont forget to share the HAZARDS of Rosemary Essential oil, in OUR backgrounds, rosemary Essential oil is NOT good and can be DEADLY for:

Those with High Blood Pressure
High Cholesterol

Thanks for helplng me to get this message out!

AfroScentRic Bath & Body Haven
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"Go Back To Your ROOTS For the CORRECT Care & Give Back To Your Roots at the same time!"


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