Thursday, June 24, 2010

If you dont get off the idea that this crack is good for you, Queen is gonna scream!

We as a people are seriously stuck on creamy crack! LOL! I mean seriously first the relaxer then the conditioner.
When you think of conditioner, you think of a white creamy mixture that coats your hair making it feel slippery and good. I use to love it to, until I found out that chemicals is what make conditioner creamy and the active ingredients are much looser.
Im posting this because I received a comment the other day from a well meaning older woman who told me QNB conditioner couldn't be conditioner because its not creamy. Really? Well maam... and then I stopped. Some things I just chop up to ignorance. I understand if you don't know and that's my goal, to educate on this whole "healthy hair" life. The creaminess is not necessary. It makes you feel as though the conditioner is working hard making your hair soft when the truth is, the ingredients coat your hair giving you the illusion to softer hair. Read the back of your conditioner bottle. I bet you cant get past the fist line without coming on words that you can barely pronounce... uhhhh that
s chemicals people!!!! Point being, if you find a creamy conditioner that claims to be all natural, RUN! Its a lie!

That's all folks!


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