Saturday, June 5, 2010

Change of venue for Birmingham Event

I have made the change under the events tab, but I wanted to make sure everyone knows that the venue has changed for the Birmingham event.

For some reason, forces seem to not want me to have this event, but the more things come against me, the more determined I am to pull it off!!!!

I received a call a couple of days ago from my original venue saying "I'm sorry but we have some issues here and you won't be able to have your event here". Needless to say, I was pissed beyond belief... How professional is that to call us one week before the event?

We have spent money on marketing materials with the location on there and its no time to print more. But every thing works out in the end..... At least I hope so!

Within 5 hrs, I had a new and better location! In the center of Birmingham.....

The Birmingham Wine Loft
2200 1st Ave North
Birmingham, AL

I hope you all within driving distance will be able to attend. It started out as a naturals event and now its turned into an event for anyone who loves all natural hair and skincare. Im working on having someone there from Mac with the latest of their products, we will have several natural stylists, loctians, sisterlocs, and much more......

Because of the issue with marketing materials, we are working ALL word of mouth, so do me a favor and tell any and everyone you know to meet us

Saturday June 12th at the Birmingham Wine Loft 4 pm......

and we are starting on time!!!!!!!


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