Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The final result

Last night, I did a tutorial, rodding my twa. The video ended before you could see the finished result. Here is how I rocked it! I think this may be the style I wear for a while. A week at a time. And this is second day hair so its holding up pretty well! See the video below for a how to.

I only used two products.

Queen Natural Beauty Moisturizing Shampoo
Queen Natural Beauty My Honey Loves Me Conditioner

I left conditioner in as a leave in that worked like setting lotion allowing the curls to hold better. I think it turned out great!

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Monday, July 5, 2010

Rodding your T.W.A

Bored, I decided to rod my twa. Lets see how it turns out. Had to end video at 10 mins because youtube has a 10 minute limit!

Monthly Hair Chat

Queen Natural Beauty website now has the capabilities to have a community chat. Beginning Tuesday July 13th, we will hold monthly hair talk. To access the chat, visit the Queen Natural Beauty ordering site (www.QueenNaturalBeauty.com). On the bottom of the page you will find a CHAT icon. Click it, sign in and chat with us! July's topic will be GROWTH! Come with all your tips, trick and questions about growth and ways to stimulate growth! You have 1 week, so spread the word!!!!!!

What topics would you like to discuss in the coming months for the chat???

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Tips for trimming natural hair

There are several ways to trim natural hair, one being the straightening method. You can blow out or flat iron your hair and then trim the ends. This is my least favorite because I don't like to apply heat to my hair at this point. But, some prefer this method.

My personal favorite is the twist method. Shampoo or co-wash hair and do individual twists all until all hair is twisted. Allow the hair to completely dry and snip the ends. I think its best if you hold the scissors at an angle and snip. This is by far the easiest method that I've discovered for naturally curly chica's who don't want to apply heat.

You should experiment with trimming techniques and decide what works best for you.

Have you started trimming your natural ends? If so, what are your favorite methods for trimming your naturally curly mane?

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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Flower ring from Sex and the City

This is a replica of the flower ring on auction in the first Sex in the City. I've had my heart set on it for the last couple of years. When the movie first came out, Christie's auction house had a ring similar for $55,000. My little budget just couldn't handle it!!!!! But now, you can find the replica on amazon for under $100. Of course, they are not real diamonds, but I can handle cz's.... I just won't wash my hands with it on! lol!

Tips for frizz free twist-outs and braid-outs

Whats the most common complaint from naturalista's and twist-outs? FRIZZ!!!! I like frizz sometimes in big curls, but when the frizz is unintentional, it can reck havoc con your hairstyle that you spent hours to create! Here are just a few tips to help combat frizz.

1. I often hear ladies say that they used gel to twist the hair. That is a no no if you are preparing a twist out. The alcohol in gel dries hair out and you are more prone to frizz. Some swear by gel, but of course you know I'm all for the natural! Just say no to gel!

2. Use a twist cream that contains pure aloe vera. It keeps strands moisturized and helps combat the frizz zone!

3. When taking hair down, oil fingers with a light oil such a grape-seed or olive and untwist from the top, down.

4. When these three don't work, and your ends are giving the frizz off, odds are, you need a good trim!!!!

Do you have any other additional tips that you have discovered through the years that will help other naturalista's? If so, add them in the comment box below

Friday, July 2, 2010

We are looking for guest V-bloggers!

This is your chance! Become a vblogger for the Queen Natural Beauty youtube channel! Create videos about styling ideas, products, joys of going natural, makeup, anything that promotes natural hair and beauty. There are great incentives for those who participate as in free products MONTHLY! For more information, email StephanieD(at)queennaturalbeauty(dot)com with "Vblogger" in the subject line. Include your name, email, and phone number. I will then forward you all the info need to be a guest vblogger.