Friday, April 16, 2010

Top 5 Hair Myths

1. Natural Hair is Very Strong

This is a huge misconception!!! Its actually quite fragile and must be handled with care. Why? Because the strands curl and bend so much that each curl is a possible breaking point because shafts are weak!

2. Natural Hair is Dirty

This one made me laugh because a lot of people think this! But, fact is, everyone I know with natural hair, wash their hair more than once a week! And if you are like me, ever day to every other day! If dirt can stand up to that, then it needs to be there!!!!!

3.Petroleum and Mineral oil is good for the hair! Its in all the black products.

Yeah, true, it is in all the beauty products... but does that make it safe? Ok, I know a lot of people may not believe this, but petroleum does not belong in hair! My grandmother swore by Royal Crown Petroleum Jelly! I would never even dispute it to her because I would have been wasting my time and probably would have been asking to be told! But, fact is, its in beauty products because its cheap and it gives our hair an artificial shine! Petroleum and Mineral Oil clogs the pores and coats the strands making hair much more prone to damage in the long run. Putting petroleum on your scalp is like putting plastic wrap over your mouth and nose! You would not be able to breath! Thats exactly what you are doing to your scalp when you use petroleum products.... So leave petroleum to the gas makers!

4. Black women can't grow hair

This is far far far from the truth! As a whole, our hair is not long because as a whole, we have relaxers!!!! Most relax hair every 6-8 weeks which weakens the hair every time you re-touch! If you leave hair in its natural state, wear protective styles and moisturize, you can grow as much hair as any other ethnicity!

5. Relaxers make hair grow and more manageable

This really depends on your ideas on manageable. My hair is natural and I think its manageable, and Im a 4a-b!!!! And, the only reason relaxers appear to make hair grow, is because the hair is straight! Natural hair looks shorter because of the curl! Pull the curl, you see longer hair!!!! I remember when I went natural the first time in 2007, I thought my hair hadn't grown any in 4 months. That is until I straightened it! My hair had grown about 6 inches! It was just curled so tightly, I couldn't see it!

Those are the top 5 hair myths that I have heard! If you know of any not on the list, let me know!I'm always here to correct those that have something to say against natural hair!


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