Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My story and the Story of Queen Natural Beauty

I am Stephanie D, the creator of Queen Natural Beauty! I initially went natural 3 years ago after the birth of my son. I wanted to go natural for years and was having a hard time with the transitional process. There were no outlets to help me out with this! Eventually I went back to the lye! After giving birth, my hair began to break really bad and I knew this was my time. One day, feed up with having to wear wigs and scarves to cover my embarrassment, I took scissors to my mane, never to look back. It has been a long road up to this point. I've made many mistakes, that I'd like to prevent others from making.

I started flat ironing my hair in 2008 and because of heat damage, realized in 2009 that I lost my natural curl pattern. So, in Feb 2010, I did the BC once again! So here I am on this journey again, hoping you will come with me!!!!

On this hair journey, I decided to give you an inside look to the natural life through Queen Natural Beauty. Info on the product I use that has my hair growing 2 inches and more per month! Queen Natural Beauty is an outlet for other Natural Beauties where you can come to find inspiration to go on this natural journey,to stay on this natural journey, a place showcasing the versatility of natural hair, help you through transition and much more! Having started out with only a facebook page, between the personal facebook and fan facebook page, we have over 1,0000 fans and this is in only one week!

I see now that Im not the only person that needed and wanted support in the Natural community! So thats what Queen Natural Beauty blog, facebook page, twitter page, and vimeo is all about! Being a support system for you!

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