Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Worldwide Rock Your Fro Day June 12, 2010!!!!

I am super duper excited about the events coming this year! But, the one I am the most excited about, is the Queen Natural Beauty Worldwide Rock Your Fro Day! This is the day that we are unified across the world! All of us rocking our fro, even our locs, while wearing the "Roc your Fro" shirt! I've gotten questions about why we have a shirt. Let me ask you.... What good would rocking the fro be if no one knew why you were rocking it???? Probably none! Thats why we have the shirt. To show unification, so as soon as you see the fro, you see the shirt saying Rock Your Fro Day 1010....

This is the kickoff to the initiative that I am so excited about! The Love Yourself Campaign to benefit all the young ladies that think they have to fit into Americas ideal of beauty! I am determined to change that. We need to open eyes to the "lye" that they have been falling for, for years!!! So, from June 12, 2010 through June 12, 2011, natural beauties throughout the US will be visiting schools, community centers and media outlets spreading the word of Natural Beauty and loving yourself for who you are!!!!

So please, help us in kicking off this campaign and get a shirt and rock your fro! No fro? No problem! Rock the shirt and your fro will be there in spirit!

Worldwide Rock Your Fro Day June 12, 2010.....Rock your shirt and fro ALL DAY!

The shirt? Its $20 and we even have a baby rock your fro shirt! Here's the link to purchase.... It comes in several colors so I'm sure you will find one to fit your personality!


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