Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Who taught us to hate ourselves?

I know that is probably a harsh title! But harshness is sometimes what we need. So, you say you don't hate yourselves huh? Well, that's not what you show the world when you put the "hair crack" in your hair! That is not what you are showing our off springs. What you are telling us is that the hair that you were blessed with is not good enough, not pretty enough, not straight enough. But I have a question for you. Who told you that straight is whats right? Where did you ever get that from???? You probably got it from your mom, and your mom got it from her mom and it goes on and on and on.... You probably saw pictures in the magazines of thin, pink women with straight hair...and movies on the big screen depicting the same.... Why did we automatically say that because that is what we see, that is the right way of life?

Now, I'm not saying "their" straight hair is wrong, simply because that's the hair they were born with... The reason you don't see many people of color with natural curly hair on TV goes waaaaay deeper than the texture of their hair. "We" haven't been right from the beginning, the darker our skin, the worse we were. Here we were introduced skin bleaching creams, then our hair didn't look like "their" hair and wasn't as manageable, here we were introduced to relaxer, the hair crack, the lye! So we began to blend in as much as possible...lighter skin, straighter hair...but this is the thing, no matter how hard you try, you will always be a woman of color....

Learn to embrace it and love it for all its worth. Rock what you were given! Isn't it time we stopped looking like (I'm about to get in trouble here) main stream white America? Isn't it time we realized we are Black America beautiful in all its glory? Stand apart from those following the masses.....ROCK THE NATURAL BEAUTIFUL YOU

So, whats the answer to this problem? I'm just one girl, but here is my opinion. Black owned production companies need to quit hiring those that fit into main stream Americas idea of beauty, and hire those with curls. They need to show a different side to beauty. Moms need to quit telling kids that you need a relaxer, cause you hairs to nappy, I cant do anything with this mess! We need to constantly tell our kids how beautiful they are with all their kinks and curls. We need black owned publications to start showcasing women of color not with weave down their backs but in their natural state! We need people in the mainstream that really look like us!!!! Again, that's just one woman's opinion... You are free to share yours with me!


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