Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Rules for a successful Transition

There is no right or wrong way to transition, only a few things that you need to remember to make the process go a little smoother...

1. Make sure you keep your hair moisturized.
2. Try transitional styles such as braids or even a sew in
3. Co-wash at least once a week
4. I know you want your new growth and the relaxed hair to blend, but please don't flat iron your hair on a regular basis! This can damage the natural curl pattern and cause heat damage!
5. Only do the BC (Big Chop) when you are ready! Don't let anyone pressure you into it! It will only cause you to hate the look!
6. Once you do the BC, don't be afraid to experiment with new styles! Learn what works on your hair and what doesn't
7. If you choose to shampoo your hair instead of co-wash, dilute with a little water
8. Don't expect you hair to look just like someone else! There are several different hair types and your may not look like your neighbors! Thats ok! Just rock it!!!
9. Take 30 or 60 day pictures so that you can see the progress! It will make you feel better about the transition
10. Join online communities (Like Queen Natural Beauty) for support from others around the globe who are transitioning and have transitioned


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