Monday, April 19, 2010

Natural Models on the Runway

So, its 7am and I'm sitting in the waiting room of the doctors office with my mother, bored, sleepy and cold. I pick up the May issue of Elle and began to browse. To my surprise, i see not only a brown model at the Bebe fashion show during New York fashion week 2010, but a brown model with natural hair! this was definitely a surprise to me but a delight to see. I began to search the Gold issue for more Queen Natural Beauties. With only one more found within the 296 pages, disappointment began to loom. But, me being me, I was determined to find the silver lining. In very few fashion shows or magazines do I ever see a face like mine, more less, nice kinky curly hair like mine! You make see a brown girl with type 3 hair, but never type 4a or b!!!!!! So, with that said, I wanna salute the Bebe Kardashian show and the pages of Elle for having this beautiful brown skinned girl like me grace its pages. If more young girls began to see women who look like them in the pages of these magazines and walking the runway, maybe they will be more accepting of themselves!

So, yeah, I was country! I took a picture of the picture with my phone!!!! LOL! I just had to share!


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