Wednesday, April 28, 2010

14 yr old stripping! We have to help these kids get some self esteem!

The mother of a 14-year-old girl caught dancing at a Detroit topless bar said she wants the club shut down for good.
"I don't want this to happen to no other 14-year-olds," said the woman, whose daughter's alleged months-long stint as a dancer at All Star on 8 Mile led Wayne County prosecutors to charge a club manager with abuse.

Andrew Hutson, 31, is charged with child sexually abusive activity, a 20-year felony.

He was arrested Wednesday on allegations he employed the underage girl. Neither her name nor her mother's is being published because the Free Press generally does not identify alleged victims of sex crimes.

The girl's mother said she caught her daughter in a lie April 16 when the teen said she was at a friend's house, but the friend said the girl had gone to work at the club. The teen's mother said she went to All Star and showed initially dismissive club employees the girl's high school ID card, after which they retrieved the topless girl.

Hutson told police the teen provided a fake ID indicating she was of legal age. But Police Chief Warren Evans said: "It's clear to us the club knew she was underage or should have known she was underage."

Evans said he will work to persuade the state's Liquor Control Commission to padlock the club, which he said has been the site of 11 nonfatal and three fatal shootings since 2004.

The club also has made headlines as being the employer of slain Detroit exotic dancer Tamara (Strawberry) Greene, who gained notoriety after being connected with a never-proved party rumored to have been held by then-Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick at the Manoogian Mansion. Greene was killed in a drive-by shooting in April 2003.

Evans said All Star routinely stonewalls officers investigating incidents there.

Billy Hutson, the club manager's brother, said the charges are unwarranted.

"He didn't hire her," said Billy Hutson, 27, who said he works at the club as a porter. "This is a legit establishment. We play by the rules."


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