Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Jasmin Morgan

Name: Jasmin Morgan

City and State: Gary, IN

Profession: Mentor/Founder of , S.W.E.E.T.S. LLC

How long have you been natural?: 01/19/10

Did you BC or Transition? Why and what was the experience like?
I transitioned for 7months and did the BC 01/19/10. I transitioned because I was scared of cutting my hair in fear of what others would think. It was not until this year that I had had enough and decided that it is not about what others think of me. It’s about who I am.

What prompted you to get on this path?
Initially I was tired of being chemically burned, and wanted healthy hair.

What has the natural experience been like for you?
I now feel as if I am finally free. For me, being natural is not just about my physical appearance, but it is also about my inner and spiritual self. I have grown and so the natural experience is a positive change for me.

Has your life changed since being natural?
Yes. I have a confidence that I did not realize that I have. It was easy for me to hide behind the weaves and relaxed hair that hid my face. However, feeling confident enough to show my true natural self is a life changing experience in itself.

How would you describe your hair? Texture?
It’s funny because I do not think that I have one certain type of curl to my hair. I love my coils and curls.

What’s your hair routine?
When I wear my hair with more defined curls I will first wash my hair with the Kinky Curly, Come Clean Shampoo followed by the KC Curling Custard. When using this product I have found the need to wash my hair every 1-2 days. When I am wearing my TWA, I wash and condition with Carols Daughters products. I then use Shea Butter and olive oil to moisturize. I have also found vegetable glycerin to make my hair feel really soft when I rock my TWA.

Any growth tips?
Moisturizing the hair and maintaining a healthy scalp are important to growth. But also, a nutritious diet is just as important. Finally, just being patient. It’s hair it will grow.

What are your favorite products and/or tools?
Kinky Curly, Shea Butter, Olive Oil, and coconut oil, and a wide tooth comb.

What’s your favorite hair style? why and how can we achieve it?
I can’t wait until I can wear a huge afro, but until then I am just loving my TWA. I think the key to a nice fro, is having a health head of hair. Meaning that if that hair is moisturized and healthy then it will not be difficult to have a nice afro or any natural style for that matter.

If you blog or vblog whats the info?
http://jasminstime.blogspot.com/ Look out for my video blog that is coming soon.

Any tips for others considering going on this natural journey?
Whatever we do we must stay true to who we are. The journey to becoming and being natural should not be looked at as a fad. In my opinion, it should be approached as a positive life changing experience.

Where can we keep up with you at? Email, facebook, myspace, blog etc....

Is there any other information that you'd like to give us as it relates to your hair journey???
Since I have gone natural I have found what it means to be secure with the person that I am. I do not have to hide or pretend to be something or someone that I’m not. When we are comfortable with us then others will be comfortable with us. How can we say that we want others to accept us and we do not accept ourselves. We are unique and beautiful and when we realize that, others will too.




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