Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I received this email this morning...


I would like to thank you for making a product customized for me! About a year ago you came to Harlem, selling your products. I was very skeptical, but when you said that you make products based on my needs, I figured why not. I initially thought you were quite expensive (sorry :( ) but when I think of the fact that Ive spent $30 and $40 on one product, $15 didn't seem so bad, and again, it was customized for me! I told you that I had issues with dandruff and my hair just would not seem to grow. You mixed me the super moisture growth oil as well as a castille soap shampoo and conditioner.... The containers where so large, that even though I washed weekly, they last about two and a half months!!!! I have reordered every couple of months since then and I am proud to show you my progress from last July!! The first pic is of me as soon as I got in from buying your products! My hair had been that length for a couple of years. The after pic is freshly flat ironed so that you can see the growth!!! Thanks so much! I must say again, I was skeptical, but my worries quickly went away once I started using the products!!! Thanks again and I can't wait for you to open a shop here!!!!



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