Saturday, May 1, 2010

Hair Straitening Systems

There are many hair straitening systems out there. I do not endorse any of these, but I wanted to give you the information needed to make a wise decision.

The big thing right now, especially among the celebrities is the Brazilian Keratin Treatment. Also, called the Brazilian Blow Out, it contains Keratin that is supposedly similar to our hair. It works and no its not quite as harsh as a typical relaxer, but it is still a chemical and has its share of issues. It contains Formaldehyde which is actually what straitens the hair. There are some "Formaldehyde free" formula's but I'm here to tell you that they still have formaldehyde in them, only a smaller amount so that it can be approved by the FDA. Formaldehyde is linked to cancer, skin and scalp irritation, fetal development issues (which is why you can not use when pregnant) and much more! Also, heat in excess of 450 degrees has to be used in the straitening process and we all know heat is not good but that is excessive!

The Japanese straitening system also called Thermal Reconditioning is also another one on the rise. The base ingredient which is the activator is known to cause cancer. It also uses heat in excess of 450 degrees, and is known to cause heat damage

There are so many chemical systems to name, my fingers would hurt to try and type them all. Truth is, putting any chemical on your hair is very dangerous and will always cause more harm than good in the long run. My grand mother use to always say "Everything that looks good is not good for you". I think that saying can easily be applied to this situation.

Want a strait look. My suggestion, flat iron. But please, not on a regular basis!!!! Occasional use of the flat iron is fine, but the damages can be irreversible if done to often, and we know you will not want to BC AGAIN!!!!


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